Meet Our Growers

Sunrich Naturals holds strong ties to the grower market.

We understand the importance of agriculture in the economy. With over 60 years of experience working with growers, we have built many long-standing relationships with farmers who share our good earth philosophy. We think it is important to know the people growing our main ingredients: soy, corn and sunflowers.

Here at Sunrich Naturals, we work with family farms of all sizes and many centenarian farmers (that means their farms have been around for more than 100 years!). These family farming businesses have demonstrated a continued commitment to traceable (or responsible), Identity Preserved and sustainable farming practices.

We know the farmers and their land, and we work with them as a team. Sunrich Naturals recognizes the value that comes from quality relationships with growers, so our Grower Services are a key component of our business. Our agronomists work directly with the growers to develop customized programs, and we provide assistance every step of the way.

From the time the first seed is planted until the final product is packaged, everyone involved with a Sunrich Naturals product is committed to its quality, purity and is invested in the end result.

Delicious and healthy foods for you and your family.

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